Welcome to Village of River Bend, Missouri

The Tranquil and Inviting Village of River Bend

Situated within the picturesque landscapes of Jackson County, Missouri, River Bend stands as a serene and inviting village that warmly welcomes its residents and visitors alike. With a population of 3 residents according to the 2020 census, River Bend boasts an intimate and close-knit community that takes pride in its unique location – the sole part of Jackson County positioned north of the majestic Missouri River.

Where the Past Meets the Future in Perfect Harmony

Our village’s intriguing history is rooted in the transformative events of 1951 when the Missouri River underwent a relocation to carve a new channel, giving birth to the haven known as River Bend, also referred to as Liberty Bend. Notably, the original riverbed delineates the contours of our county line, serving as a testament to the historical significance of our location.


As part of the esteemed Kansas City metropolitan area, River Bend benefits from its proximity to urban amenities while maintaining its distinct identity as a village of tranquility and charm. At the helm of our community stands Chairman Alex Dockler, dedicated to fostering an environment of progress, unity, and well-being.


We invite you to explore the beauty and harmony that define River Bend. Whether you’re a resident, a prospective resident, or a curious traveler, our village embraces you with open arms for an enriching experience in our midst.

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